About Us

Rob and Kay welcome to you the Bro’kyna holiday cottage website. Bro’kyna which is an anagram of Rob and Kay has been in the family since Rob and Kay moved to Devon from London over seventeen years ago and has served as a family get away and holiday letting cottage for many years since.

Rob and Kay originally lived in North London and both worked in the furniture industry at Harris Lebus where they both met. Rob later went on to serve two years in the first BTN Middlesex Regiment. After that, they married and had a family of three children who have now grown up and have families of their own. The Bro’kyna cottage is perfect for when the returning children want to come down to sunny Devon and spend valuable time with their parents, especially over the holiday period.

Once Rob and Kay had moved to Northam from Kent, they acquired the local village hardware shop and pet store which they ran for eleven years. They are both very well known and respected in their local area and still to this day help around the village with certain jobs that may need doing including carpentry which is one of Rob’s favourite passions. Rob is also a keen gardener and this shows in the garden situated behind the Bro’kyna cottage.

The garden and rear view windows all overlook the Northam Burrows and further afar Saunton Sands, where in between lies the Torridge estuary. With such stunning views many guest have said that the views are absolutely outstanding and is something that they love to wake up to every morning.

Rob and Kay are both very welcoming people and always do their best to help. This is shown in their commitment to having a beautiful holiday cottage which has seen numerous returning visitors, who are always more than satisfied with their stay at Bro’kyna holiday cottage.

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